Marc Lehmann

Marc Lehmann is a German graphic designer and illustrator living and working in Hamburg. He creates bold and simple images that the viewer instantly feels connected to. His mainly analog work is driven by his interest in various topics, such as politics, society, economy and literature. Yes, he is a nerd.


This series of illustrations is about my favorite Redewendungen (German for “sayings”) — taking them as literally as possible. Animator Marcel Wilkens and I brought some of them to life, trying to convert their naive and childlike look into movements.


A small selection of my most recent personal and commissioned illustrations.

The Sound of Graphic Design

This poster has been screen-printed onto five different-coloured papers. E-mail me if you want one or just come by the office!

Copy Shop Posters

In a world of endless possibilities, restriction is a vital part to all of my work. I created this series of posters by hand-cutting the letters from an old typeface-book that I found. I set all the words by hand, glued them on paper and eventually duplicated the pages in a copy shop. There is something very uncompromising about the roughness of the final posters.

Wir gehen aus!

I created this poster for the “Wir gehen aus!” exhibition in 2017. The show consisted of texts and photographies dealing with the glamorous night life of Hamburg’s high society.


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